Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Change the World Without Taking Power by John Holloway

DISCLAIMER: I respect some of the ideas in this book and I’m certainly in favor of a “socialism from below”, but leftists shouldn’t be afraid of state power.  There needs to be new idea for the future, a new plan, a new type of party, and we need to reassert our commitment to maintaining bourgeois democratic rights, but if your ceding state power to the oppressors your guaranteeing yourself a lifetime of being the oppressed.  That’s the same reason I prefer more substantial politics than “resistance for the sake of resistance”.  Even if we have to make concessions to the market, the idea that we can exert real power outside the state is kind of ridiculous. This book is still worth reading for its great influence on many actors in the anti-globalization movement.


Mirror 1: Rapidshare (rename file to .rtf)


  1. What format is this supposed to be in? I cannot find out how to open it. Its not a pdf and its no not a rar file.

    Also, thanks for going this. Its a great resource!

  2. Here's a direct link to it: http://libcom.org/library/change-world-without-taking-power-john-holloway

    I think its suppose to be renamed as a .RTF or a .TXT

    It's not a .pdf or a .rar

    Not sure how the extension got messed up, I'll reupload it at some point.

  3. I'm not sure you understood what the book is trying to say...