Thursday, July 30, 2009

Karl Kautsky “The Road to Power” 100 Years On.

100 years on, still no power for the world proletariat.  Certainly there needs to be a reassessment, but there is a lot that still can be gleaned from Kautsky’s finest work.  It’s important to note that historically the parties of the left have fallen into the trap of class coalitionalism or mass strike fantasies and haven’t practiced the Kautsykan “strategy of patience”.  How realistic this strategy is in the 21st century is an open question.  Certainly new tactics will need to be devised, but the general principles of this piece though, in my opinion, are unassailable. 

Mirror 1: Direct

I only have mirrors for the 1909 A.M. Simons translation.  I am looking for the Raymond Meyer 1996 translation.

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